Vaison La Romaine

Tried to visit Crestet, but the road was up and the alternative road looked a little narrow!

At Vaison La Romaine we shopped at their Lidl, Michael enjoying using their bread slicing machine (only currently in a few Lidls, but hopefully in all one day! – brilliant things!). We’ve now discovered their delicious walnut bread – yum!

Drove over and parked up in the town aire. No requirement for us to pay for daytime use of it which was ideal. We had our lunch on board – I did us a kind of omelette frittata filled with lots of good stuff and a mixed green salad – hoping to counteract some of the naughty food we’re eating!!!

The old castle ruin on the hill looked a heck of a way, but as I’m seeing over and over on all these trips, it’s never as far as it looks! – which is just as well! Fortunately I walk far greater distances than I was up for in years gone by and I do much longer walks than back home – as friends and family will testify to!

So we trailed all the way up through the ‘new’ town, over the old roman bridge, up into the old medieval town and still higher via the literal rock to the castle ruin at the peak, and yes, it was worth it for the view alone.  

We gingerly made our way down to avoid slipping, both of us acknowledging yet again how brilliant our ‘Crocs’ are! We’ve been wearing them day in day out and they’re like wearing slippers!  

Once back in town, we took a free peep at the Roman archaeological site and heading back to the van, another free peep at the remnant of Roman amphitheatre. We weren’t fussed to pay to see them in greater detail. 

We didn’t stay over as it was still quite early, but had we it would have been 7 Euros all in for the night. 
We headed off




















































Date of Visit: 17/03/2016

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