The pretty little town of Séguret made for a pleasant early evening stroll. We took a slight, country lanes walk detour out of the village back to the van passing thyme and rosemary bushes, picking just a little!  

As we drove past Séguret, it being in an elevated position, it looked super, illuminated in the evening light.

































Date of visit: 17/03/2016

4 thoughts on “Séguret

  1. Excellent pictures looking forward to meeting up when your back. I will be travelling to the uk next week to collect the van returning the Saturday
    Day boat

    1. Thanks Kenny re: photos. Glad you’re enjoying them so much. You must be keen to get the van back now, so hope that goes smoothly. We’re back day before you, so we’ll really enjoy seeing you both again very soon. Bfn! Sophie

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