Sablet and Gigondas

We did an overnight stop about 5 minutes further along the road from Séguret at a winery just beyond the village of Sablet. Michael saw this one in ‘Camperstop’. It proved to be a good quiet night’s stop at a modest 2 Euros. If we’d wanted water and electricity we’d have needed to pay an extra 3 Euros. 

From the yard at the back, away from road noise, where we parked up, we could glimpse Sablet and Séguret and of course come night time too.  

We had no neighbours that night and simply popped our two Euros with a note from who it was from, ‘Tracker’, and ‘merci/thank you’ into a sandwich bag and into the designated letter box by the entrance. Easy and no having to see anyone! 

The next morning drove into Sablet for a little walk and explore.  

















Gigondas was our next stop. Plenty of space in the free aire, right next to the village. We noticed other motorhomers making the most of the space and the weather with their tables and chairs out, and an awning! – both officially ‘no-no’s’ on Aires! – but in these instances, with so much available space, who could blame them! – I’m sure had we not lunched out we’d have been tempted to get our chairs out! – Michael certainly! – I do tend to rather prefer to sit in the shade when it’s very hot – which it was!

We instead explored the town, walked the herb garden path up to the castle ruin and ended up having lunch in the lovely central square at the one restaurant open in that location that day. 

We were served by a very friendly local Provençal waiter with an incredibly impressive grasp of the English language, which helped iron out a few queries on the menu!

It was very pleasant sitting out in the sunshine over a leisurely lunch.  
























Date of Visit: 18/03/2016

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