Overnighted at the free Carpentras aire. 

We decided to do a visit of the town in the morning, so just relaxed on board that evening. In fact I made a batch of French Madeleines and we ate a few then and saved the rest until the next day (when in fact I like them even more – like the ones you buy in the French supermarkets then!). I remember the first time we bought those as teenagers in France, on a boat day trip, and how much we enjoyed them! – it’s got to be the all butter ones where possible!

The next day I trimmed my hair – it’s always nice to sharpen it up a bit every so many weeks. I don’t do it brilliantly well I’m sure, and I do find the scissors play silly beggars with me as I’m looking in the mirror trying to apply them to the piece of hair in question – it’s quite a challenge! – well to me it is! You’re kind of working the opposite of what’s logical and I don’t seem to get it! Anyway, after only a fairly brief 10 or 15 minutes perhaps, I get it looking nice and freshly cut, and at no cost! – so all round quite satisfying!  

When we were done with the aire, we headed on into Carpentras and parked in their new, well catered for car park right by the old town wall. We took a walk around the town, taking in the Roman arch, and the oldest Jewish synagogue in France, and then headed on our way. 

































Date of Visit: 19/03/2016

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