Saint Michel l’Observatoir to Moustiers

Passing a rather fascinating quarried hill en-route, we arrived at our watering hole of Villeneuve, where we had our lunch, and did me a rather unorthodox outdoor hair wash! Fantastic! We have an external shower point with hot and cold water, and with it being a lovely warm day, it was ideal to do that outside and way less palaver! Sadly weather dependent of course!!!!

With free water on tap at this free aire, we naturally filled out tank after the hair wash and dish wash and headed on our way.  






We drove through Manosque, and while Michael was fuelling up I took a photo of a house with in-built wine storage I thought he’d like!!! 

In turn, passing through a little village with the intriguing name of ‘Allemagne en Provence’ I couldn’t help but notice the charming chateau, though no idea if it was open to the public or not. Generally though I like to get some exterior piccies, but whether we were a bit tired, or what, I can’t remember, but we didn’t stop, so I did the next best thing and researched it later on Google!  

Arrived at Riez, which has a paying aire, we ambled into the town, had a bit of a look around, and then carried on our journey, driving through ‘centre-ville’, and in turn me noticing we’d missed looking at all of it! Hey ho! The Tourism office was closed, so no tourist walkabout map to follow, hence the oversight!  












[Photos from Moustiers tomorrow – M]

Date of Visits: 23/03/2016

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