Onwards, via Lac de Ste Croix to Aiguines

So leaving Moustiers,not knowing we’d be returning for another night, we drive along passing the very substantial, very blue (when the sun is shining as it was that day!), welcome to see, Lac de Ste Croix.   

The day before, while based at the Moustiers aire, I made us some German spätzle dumpling mix. It’s the German equivalent of the Italian pasta – same ingredients, and I had thoroughly enjoyed it in Germany last year, and since then bought the spätzle maker to achieve the same at home (and another for away!)

I usually like to keep some homemade tomato pasta sauce in the fridge in readiness of a quick pasta supper if I’m feeling too tired or less than inclined to cook a more involved meal, and this works well with the spätzle. 

So parked up overlooking the lake, I got a big pan of water on to boil and cooked us some dumplings for lunch.

We then begin the climb up towards the gorge and reach the last village before entering it, Aiguines. It looked too nice not to stop and have a look around, in part due to the chateau there.   

We have a brief walk around and then resume our journey onward and upward following the high road around the gorge. We spend the day achieving half of the gorge and arrive back at Moustiers for a convenient second free night stop. 









































Date of Visit: 24/03/2016

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