Les Gorges du Verdon (Part 1)

We spent 2 days touring the gorges and talk about impressive! – way more than we were expecting! It was stunning, as well as on an incredible scale! We had not expected this in France (if that doesn’t sound silly!).  

The road was reassuringly well equipped with crash barriers and stone walls too giving instant confidence! The width of the road was also heartening, with no shortage of passing places, which was just as well as we passed a coach! – and amazingly the very same bronzey gold German tour coach that pulled up next to us at our scenic lunch spot outside Roussillion, with ‘SCHMIDT’ emblazoned down the whole side. We recognised the driver! – as well as the distinct coach!  

I suspect he didn’t twig it was us, even with our distinct ‘J’ registration plate, as he was negotiating the road very sensibly! 

We were very fortunate to have brilliant sunshine on the first day of touring which of course was fabulous for the photos. Many I could take through my open window, but many I needed to get off the van to take them, as it’s hopeless trying to take photos through the windscreen and worse still through the driver and his window! In any case, you just had to get out to fully appreciate the vastness and the stillness of the place. 
Unlike fellow motorhoming friends of ours, we didn’t get to see any vultures, but we did at least enjoy seeing some goats (I assume wild!), living their rather precarious lifestyle! Yikes! It was nail biting watching them and I can’t believe many don’t end up losing their footing and plummeting below, but I certainly hope not!  

I am not good with heights! – an understatement! – but with the road being safely encased in barriers and walls, it proved to be no issue – so for those of you like me, don’t let that put you off!

We had only thought we’d tour the gorge for a day, but it was exceptional, hence we wanted to do the whole of it, hence using a second day too in the end! – and well worth it! 

























Date of Visit: 24/03/2016

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