Miramas Le Vieux and Salon de Provence

Miramas Le Vieux is the next village on from Saint-Chamas and the Pont Flavien, so this hilltop village was our next stop.

The car park wasn’t ideal, but we managed!  We had a walk up to the village (with the usual bit of effort required for these hilltop locations!), had a look around, barely a soul to be seen as per usual, and made our way down back to the van.

As we left the car park and headed out a different route, we passed the very user friendly car park we could have done with knowing about on our arrival!  Hey ho!




Salon conveniently lay on a Navette bus service into the town, so we parked up and got out free lift into the town.  The little buses go ever 15 mins pretty much all through the day.

Did our usual walk about and as well as the medieval main part of the town, found some interesting gems of old architecture as we walked further out of the main hub.

Like so many towns, there’s a mix of some real gems and some hideous stuff from, I’m guessing the 60’s or 70’s and later even, when France seems to have thrown away its architectural know-how!

Fortunately the pleasure of seeing the gems outweighs the brief irritation of seeing the eyesores!!!





Date of Visits: 02/04/2016



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