On to Moureze and the Cirque Dolomitique, then West

On to Moureze and the Cirque Dolomitique.   Still wet weather, but not torrential, so able to get a walk around the village and get a taster of the Cirque, but not up for the ‘x’ number of kilometres walk around!   Too slippery anyway to want to clamber around anywhere should that have been necessary!  If we get back one day to that area, in dry weather, and find the Mairie’s office open, will find out the details! – just in case!!!




We just drove through Bédarieux as the weather was too ropey to bother exploring, but we stopped at the riverside aire to fill up with free water and have our lunch – oh, and called in at Lidl on our way out! – hence the cakes!




On to Olargues, yet another characterful place to visit, with it’s castle ruin atop and beautiful setting by the river with old stone bridges.






Date of visit: 05/04/2016

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