Leaving Provence and Onwards across Languedoc



Back to Sommiere overnight, which makes for a pleasant, convenient and well equipped stopping point, and then on to take a walk and look around the village of Puechabon.




We were quite blown away by the incredible reddish brown rock and soil in this next part of the world – a totally new experience for us.  Bizarre undulations in this amazing deep colour, so not like anything we’ve ever seen before!  The islands on the lake, like mini mountains, were stunning in their watery surroundings, and everything topped off with a sunny stormy sky!
We drove through a few small quaint villages, seemingly a million miles away from anywhere, and on to our aire for the night at Octon.
Parked up, had our convenient Lidl frozen paella supper on board and settled in for the night despite the torrential rain!  Actually, we were thankful of it! – what we hadn’t realised (and Kenny and Tanya will laugh at this!),  we’d parked up by a hidden pond, and ALL NIGHT were were ear blasted by the unbelievably loud, and incessant sound of an army of croaking frogs!!!
No joke when I say we hunted for sponge travel ear plugs on board, finding one pair only and having to share them!   With one ear buried into my pillow and the other stuffed with sponge, the croaking audible torture was a hint less bad, but either way, it was a night of little sleep for both of us (frogs too of course!!!).

So yes, heavy rain on our roof was a helpful semi-distraction from the frogs!!!

It was only the next morning we discovered the pond!!!  Had we known, we’d have parked the other end of the car park and had a better quality sleep!  You live and learn! – well, that’s the theory!!!

Anyway, that whole area we hope to return to in the future and explore further – it was a stunning landscape (no least in torrential rain!) which sadly photos cannot do justice to.




Date of visits: 03/04 to 04/04/2016

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