St Remy de Provence – Glanum Roman Site

Our overnight stop at La Caume was ideally placed to visit the ‘Site de Glanum’ and the town of Saint-Rémy de Provence.  The only problem was it was chucking it down with rain, even though we delayed venturing from our night stop until the weather had a chance to improve – it didn’t!

We weren’t altogether of one mind about the visit either!  Michael was keen to go and I wasn’t convinced! – mainly due to the deluge of rain! – not relishing paying to get sodden!

Well anyway, after much debate, we went, though I avoided being sodden due to my wearing less than glamorous plastic trousers and my raincoat!

We had just a bit of sunlight initially before the sky was pure grey! – and 100% water!!! – well, it felt like it!  I couldn’t see through my glasses!!!

Still, we did an our style of archaeological walkabout, which means getting the gist of things but not being thorough, and deciding we had seen things sufficiently, headed, with water dripping off our noses likely, back through the ticket office and souvenir shop where (too wet to touch anything even if we’d wanted to!), carried on straight out! – with the lady behind the desk giving a ‘sorry about the weather’ kind of look! – to which I responded with a knowing smile!

A few more photos of the archaeological structures in the car park before climbing back on board and peeling off our wet things.
Had it been worth paying to get wet for? – yes, I reckon so.

We had hoped to visit the nearby Saint-Rémy de Provence on Angelina’s recommendation, but the weather was unfortunately just too horrible!!!!   All we managed was a basic drive through.




Date of visit: 03/04/2016

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