Le Forêt sur Sevre and Pouancé

La Foret sur Sevre – hmmmm!!!! – heck! – this was where we got stuck in the mud!!!!
We pulled into this rural free aire and were considering where to park.  The space we were aiming for was a bit muddy on its approach, and so to avoid getting stuck, I suggested we cut across the corner of the grass.   Hmmm!!!  Seemed like a good idea at the time! – but we have now learned the hard way, that grass can be like a sponge!!!  Yikes!!!
Talk about embarrassing!!!!  We were stuck!!!  Even the plastic tracks we had on board for this kind of application were useless! – themselves sinking into the mud beneath the grass!
Getting nowhere, and taking pity on us, the male occupants of two neighbour French vans came across to kindly offer assistance!   No pushing made the slightest bit of difference!   Added to this, the rain started to chuck it down and a thunder storm ensued!
Wonderfully, our French knight in shining armour, used his white steed (Motorhome!) to tow us out!!!  I had kittens we were going to end up someone’s vehicle getting damaged, but despite a slightly disconcerting noise, our van finally reversed up in tow!!!  Phew!!!  Such kind people!
Madame had even happily come and stood (in the rain!) to view the goings on.  It turned out to be two sisters and their husbands, and fortuitous for us that they were game enough to help us out!
As a thank you I immediately delivered them a bottle of wine each, and the next morning made some cookies by way of a further thank you for their kindness.  We were so very grateful as you can imagine!!!
I shall never trust grass again in wet weather!!!!!
A drive through Cholet:
Pouancé provided a very nice free overnight stop.  The next morning we drove and parked in the town for a look around.   We couldn’t help but notice the restaurant with the same name as our home!
Date of visits: 11/04 to 12/04/2016

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