The Dunes des Biville and the ‘Route des Caps’

The Dunes des Biville and the ‘Route des Caps’ was our next overnighter.

We followed the open road down to its culmination in a sheltered dunes carpark, where a few cars and vans were already parked up, though bar one German campervan, everyone gradually had departed by dark.

Having done a grocery stock up at Lidl and Super U at ‘Les Pieux’ I cooked up a one pot ‘Perigourdine’ frozen meal of duck, beans and sliced potatoes, and it was tasty, though doesn’t top our frozen paella. Pudding was Super U ring donuts – they are so light and delicious!!!! Along with almond croissants, my favourites! Yum yum!!!

The next morning, for a more open aspect by which to sit and work, (and blog, cook, wash up and so forth in my case), we drove part way back up the open road to a bit of parking on the side and based ourselves there until after lunchtime when we headed off, still on the ‘Route des Caps’.

Date of visit: 26/09/2016

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