Plage de la Mondrée’, ‘Fermanville’ – 1

‘Plage de la Mondrée’ in ‘Fermanville’
was our next port of call. It was a great little stop in a pretty bay and one day rolled into another and we stayed 2 nights.

Whilst there we strolled a portion of the coastal walk and popped in to the intriguing character gift shop selling antiques, local products and all sorts of rather lovely things from North Africa, all from inside a little old chapel in someone’s back garden.

Those 2 days I was thoroughly enjoying reading a book I’d brought over with me. So I was reading, and blogging as well!

Michael baked a ‘flan nature’ – the one from in the magazine, and he did well, but it wasn’t scrumptious like the magic custard cake recipe we have tried before, so he’s going to have a go at that one another time!

Date of visit: 02/10/2016

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