Day 3 towards Spain – Condom, Saint Puy, Lavardens 1

We slept well, although I do recall virtually every hour when the town church bells rang. Otherwise very peaceful & totally on our own. 

Well, it was a lazy day as predicted, although in case you were concerned we might have slipped into our old ways, we did awake at a reasonable time for us, before 8. 

I worked, whilst Sophie washed her hair & our smalls, plus swept the carpet etc (thought I’d better write ‘etc’, otherwise I could get myself into bother). I then did my bit of wringing the washing & hanging it out to dry for the villagers to look at. 

Sophie then sheared my hair to make me look as presentable as possible & then we headed out for our lunch of goats cheese salad, followed by magret of duck 🦆. We then sat in the square for our coffee. 

After lunch, and a another brief walk round the town, we headed off & soon found the interestingly named town of Condom. As you might imagine, it’s quite difficult to write anything about this town, without risking saying the wrong thing. Certainly worth a visit, and I’d better leave it there before I get into trouble. 

Next stop was St Puy, for a toilet-emptying session & water top up. We enjoyed a good walk round the little village. Lovely ancient old houses. 

As is our usual style, whenever I see a sign for a chateau I don’t say a word and hope like mad that Sophie won’t see it. No hope of that, so she saw the Chateau de Lavardens sign & here we are. Another stunning chateau in an imposing position. The rural car park is literally next to it, and the views impressive. A quick check showed it to be a Park4Night, and so here we are again with the chateau and view to ourselves. 

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. 

Progress to date is as follows:

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