Day 2 towards Spain – Le Douhet, Pons, Sauternes, Bazas, Barbaste, Nerac, Lamontjoie, Ligardes, La Romieu 2

Alternative blog:

We’re already settling into our routines with Sophie preparing the day’s blog again after our evening meal (Lidl pork chops, fried onions & peas – thank you Sophie). So here’s a quick update from me. 

No repercussions for illegal parking at St Jean d’Angely, & shock horror we roused ourselves around 7am, & left at 8ish. We were the first to leave, which was a world aire record for us, although one cheeky punter did try to overtake us as we dawdled on our way out, but we cut him up because no-one was going to take that lifetime achievement from us. 

We headed off in the fog, which prevailed for much of the morning before the lovely sun emerged (sorry to hear about all the rain in the UK – you just need to drive a bit further south). 

Stopped off at Pons to check out the impressive “Donjon”, then headed in a Bordeaux direction. This was the norm for the day, ie accidentally coming across some really lovely places, when I had really intended to bomb our way in a Spain direction. 

Next stop was Chateau de Douhet (actually Sophie’s just told me that this came before Pons – sorry, it’s been a busy day). 

We then saw a sign for Sauternes, which we didn’t realise was around here, and thought we should revisit this little village for lunch for old time’s sake as we’d enjoyed their free aire for an overnight a few years ago. I cheekily had a small glass of German white, and a mouthful of rival desert wine Monbazillac, but wouldn’t admit that to the locals who would have been outraged on both counts. 

After loading up with lots of free water we continued our way and found the lovely town of Bazas, which we recognised immediately, even though the name did not come to mind at all. 

I then tried to sneak through a town called Barbaste, trying to convince Sophie that we’d definitely been there before. I was wrong and so a pleasant visit followed. 

Nerac was also a lovely surprise, with Henry IV’s castle and impressive architecture making it a must see town, but with easy parking. 

Lamontjoie bastide was next and in fact it feels like bastide central around here, which are our favourite little towns. 

My plan to get to Languedoc by sundown was now out of the question & I was waning fast after a 7am kick-off, so I checked Park4night for inspiration and found the little town of La Romieu. It actually has official motorhome parking, without facilities, but nowhere to be found in the usual aire guides. Therefore, our favourite type of aire. No one else here, very peaceful & a lovely view of the town looking great in the setting sun. 

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