Onwards to Puivert via Montsegur 

After an impromptu lunch of nutty granola & milk, due to a bread shortage, followed by some Excel work we set off again in search of somewhere to “tip out and top up”. Courtesy of Park4Night we found a very practical, although not particularly pretty, aire, & then moved on towards Montesgur. 

Montsegur was just round the corner & Park4Night showed us a great spot for a free night with a great view of the remarkable castle balanced impossibly on the top of a mountain. However, as we pulled in it started to snow and the weather coming over the mountains didn’t look promising. Not keen to get stuck up there in the snow and ice we decided to head on. 

By the way, we’d only just had an email from a friend this afternoon where he mentioned that he was watching the weather forecast last night on TV & noticed a very large patch of snow passing across the Pyrenees. This helped our decision not to linger. 

The snow turned to rain and we continued meandering down into the valley and beyond. We checked out the odd Park4Night along the way, and in more cheerful weather conditions would have likely plumped for one of those, but not overly inspired we carrried on. 

We then ended up in Puivert, where an imposing chateau overlooks the town. There were motorhome aire signs & we’re now in a carpark, with just a Breton motorhome for company, between the lake and mountains. This makes it sound more impressive than it really is, but it’s perfectly pleasant. Sophie then treated us to salmon steaks with rice, carrots & peas. 

If this rain lets up by the morning, I’m sure we’ll explore the town, where pastries will need to be involved, & then on to the castle, and beyond. 

So, progress so far is as follows:

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