Cucugnan to Castelnou

In comparison to the first half of the day, the rest of the journey was quite tame, other than driving through a breathtaking gorge, as well as across a blackened forest, clearly the victim of a previous fire, and then of course there was Castelnou. 

Searching thoroughly on Park4Night brought us to Castelnou. This was not a deliberate further homage to Nick and Sal, but again brought back the happy memories of the day after we’d all first met on the Med, which started with anniversary cake, followed by sad goodbyes as we headed off to Spain, whilst Nick & Sal continued their touring in Languedoc. Remarkably, later that same day, having completed our very quick tour of Spain we tracked them down to Castelnou, which we knew was on their agenda. We then toured together for a couple more days. 

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