Spain Day 2

Slow start following a busy first day in Spain, after a peaceful night & therefore successful first overnight in what is essentially a new country in a motorhome for us. 

Work and washing morning, with storks nesting in the castle grounds next door & green wild budgie-type birds making an occasional visit. 

Topped up with free water on the way out, & Sophie chatted to an Italian/Catalonian couple. They taught her “whippet” in Spanish, so you can tell that we are seriously building our local vocab. They did also insist that “gracias” is pronounced “grathiass”, so there’s another feather in our language hat. 

Our first stop was Castillo d’Empuries. Park4night showed us an ideal parking spot & it was there we had our lunch. Lidl quiche with a very tasty salad put together by Sophie. It was a quite spot with plenty of generous parking spaces. 

However, things changed in the blink of an eye. There seemed to be a lot of shouting and screaming, which was when we realised we’d parked next to a primary school. Fair enough – no harm done. Then, when all the mothers, grandparents, rather large coaches etc all started turning up looking for somewhere to park to collect the little darlings we realised that we would likely be stuck there a while. The volume of traffic and noise, the latter which I’m told the Spanish are very good at, just increased, at which point we noticed the secondary school across the road was also now kicking all their pupils out. 

Surprisingly for us we blocked it all out and enjoyed a very lovely lunch. Within no time the place returned to its previous peaceful state and all was well with the world again. 

We then wandered into the pleasant historic centre of the town, then said our goodbyes and headed off. 

Next stop was Figueres, the principal draw being Dali’s museum and their own Ramblas. I set us on a course to a Park4night which had caught my eye, which was in the carpark of a castle. As it happened, the satnav took us down some rather narrow streets, but the upside was that, purely by accident, we saw their Ramblas & passed the bizarre Dali museum. The road to the park4night turned out to be a no entry, and so we decided to call it a day having apparently seen the best that Figueres has to offer. 

 Next stop was Besalu, described as a “picture-postcard medieval walled town”, which pretty much sums it up. Park4night reviews told us that that the town had a brand new aire – yay! But reviewers commented that it might be a bit noisy being near the road & possibly some construction work going on. Others had suggested a very big parking area across the road which was much nicer, which is where we are now, with one other motorhome as company. 

Lovely town and well worth the visit. New energetic Sophie’s hinting at another tour of the town this evening to keep our “steps” up. I think inertia might set in though, certainly for me, but I’m sure I can be open minded. 

By the way, my principal source of inspiration is Dorling Kindersley’s “Back Roads Spain”, which so far is doing a good job, but of course it is early days. 

Progress so far:

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