Santa Pau to Girona

Great night’s stop at Santa Pau, and we had the place to ourselves. We both slept really well. One thing we’ve discovered is that the Spanish generally have water fountains in most towns, so we’ve generally had a full tank of fresh water each day. Santa Pau was no exception and so we topped up this morning from the water fountain in the car park there. 

First objective was Banyoles, but we stopped off en route at the bijou town of Mieres. Lovely countryside en route & much more reminiscent of France, or even Tuscany when you consider the architecture, poplar trees, and rolling hills. 

At Banyoles, we managed to park at the side of the road & put €1 in the meter. We don’t usually spend that much but decided to push the boat out as the “centre historic” was so close. By the way, as you have probably worked out, or likely knew anyway, the language is very similar to French in many ways. 

We had a very pleasant time in Banyoles, which was supplemented by a replenishment of supplies at Lidl. 

Next stop was the main feature of the day, Girona. I admit to knowing nothing about this town previously, and if pushed might have even thought it was in Italy, not Spain. Anyway, Park4night reviews sent us to an ideal carpark for access to the city, and free. 

Bear in mind it was a Saturday and so first circumnavigation of the carpark resulted in not one suitable space for a motorhome. I was all for heading to the next Park4night recommendation and so exited onto the roundabout. Sophie suggested giving it one more go, which we did, just in time to see someone leaving a space with plenty of room for us. Problem solved. 

We then spent 2 1/2 hours walking around the city, which we’d highly recommend & we are not generally great fans of big towns at all. We think it’s definitely a must see town. It is very historic and kept us on our feet for the whole time exploring. 

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