From Hilltop to Canyon

Unusually, and that’s after almost 10 years motorhoming experience, last night had quite a few disturbances. Sophie slept through it all which was handy for her. Basically, someone decided to overnight in a car very close to us. If you’ve ever done that you’ll know how bitterly cold it can get. Therefore, these thoughtful souls turned their engine on every half hour or so until they’d warmed up. Last time was 4:25, then at 4:55 they turned it off, then drove off. 

After a little lie in to catch up on sleep we headed off towards Soria and Lidl. Another big town experience for me, ie not really that bothered to see it. We even caught the Lidl at a bad time, when it was manic between 12 and 1pm. We even had to park on the street which was a first for Lidl, but I did enjoy taking the trolley out of the carpark and along the pavement. We prefer Lidl when it’s quiet, but suitably stocked up we were on our way again. 

En route to the “The Land of Rioja”, we looked at a Park4night as a potential lunch stop. This was at a “natural park” called Monte Valonsadero. Just wild land with glacial boulders and overlooked by a vast, imposing escarpment. Quite a few storks, which is an unusual sight for us, plus cows (strangely haven’t seen many of those on this trip), and horses running freely. 

After lunch and work/blogging we then went for a stroll. 

It was tempting to stay overnight but we both wanted to move on and we now find ourselves in an aire at Hontoria del Pinar, courtesy of “All the Aires Spain and Portugal”. Bit noisy at the moment as it’s next to a sawmill, but it’s 7:30, so hopefully their working day will soon be over. That being said, I’d happily have a little industrial noise in the background for a bit rather than some shouty kids. 

A family motorhome has recently pulled in next to us, but to give credit where it is due we’ve barely heard a peep out of them, so I must make sure not to tar everyone with the same brush. 

There are walking and cycling routes directly from the aire so let’s see what tomorrow brings. If it’s not too hot I might even get my bike off the back for the first time this trip. 

Anyway, as we hopefully get to Rioja land tomorrow I’ll shortly be opening a nice Rioja I picked up at a good price at Lidl earlier on. 

Progress so far is as follows:

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