From Canyon to Necropolis

Good aire last night. There was a dog locally somewhere who liked the sound of his own bark, but I was fortunately too tired to let that stop me sleeping. 

A busy morning for me, and Sophie sorted her blog photos & then treated me to fresh asparagus on top of poached eggs on toast. Very creative, and tasty. 

Before leaving we decided to take a stroll up the “cañon”, which I can only think means canyon in our language as it looked like one. We then made tracks. 

The motorhome service area had a strange quirk in that the toilet emptying had to be done right in the middle of the motorhome sized parking space. Not inclined to crawl under the motorhome in order to empty the cassette we had no choice but to park along the road next to a poor couple enjoying a picnic at the side of the road. I then had to carry the cassette past them and empty it a few yards from their picnic table in the alloted spot. They soon left but I do think they’d finished eating, at least I hope so. 

We then took a very scenic route through a pine forest, where cows grazed freely without any fences. Park4night then brought us to the interestingly named “Ermitage de Revenga”. It’s a large area of boulders and pine forest, that is clearly very popular with the locals, who are parked all over it. No tightly controlled strict parking restrictions here. 

In true “monkey see, monkey do” tradition we have joined fully in with their approach and have placed ourselves by some trees and boulders. We found a lovely quiet spot, where there was one other motorhome plus a couple of cars. As I look out now, another 6 cars have turned up, and strangely a group of about 5 men are having an extended chinwag right in front of us. This is a really big natural park chaps, please. 

The great advantage of motorhoming is that were it to get too boisterous here later on, we’d simply drive off and find somewhere quieter in the park. The good news is that cars always, well mostly always, go home for the night. 

Final word on this place. It turns out by pure chance and zero planning, other than where can I get away with parking a motorhome overnight, that the boulders just in front of us actually feature in my Dorling Kindersley guidebook, as “one of the most rewarding archaeological treasures in Spain”:

Seems very lovely here – let’s see what the night brings. By the way, this is the only viable place to park overnight on our route for a while to go, so I’d explained to Sophie that we’d likely have to be a bit creative with our parking over the next few nights. The toilet’s empty, and the water and fridge full, so we’re well prepared. 

Progress so far is as follows:

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