Windy Night

Next on the agenda was Penaranda de Duero, where an imposing castle overlooks the town. indicated a carpark next to the castle, which was too tempting not to check out as a potential overnight stop. By 8:15pm, we’d had our evening meal, so decided to give it a go. The castle closed at 8pm, so we were prepared to be advised by the departing member of staff that overnight parking is not permitted, but no-one paid us any attention. The wind was picking up though and we were very high up, but we stayed anyway. 

Great location and view, and no one came up to the castle that night. So the first official “Park4Larb” in Spain was established. 

We headed into town mid-morning next day for some exercise and some sight-seeing. Worth a visit, as well as a chance to get some bread. We saw people with bread so we knew it had to be on sale somewhere. We tried the fish shop/grocery store, but nothing there. Then we thought it might be in the butchers again & so Sophie asked an older chap who’d just come out. He said he’d take us and said he spoke French, which was handy. Similarly to the previous day he pointed at a door and said that’s where we’d find our bread. Then we noticed the most subtle of signs saying “supermercado”, so we descended into a subterranean mini supermarket where we found what we were looking for. 

Progress West:

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