From a peaceful village to a canal-side overnight

A nice lazy morning at the very peaceful Ampudia. We wandered into town (5 minutes) to the bakers in “New Street”, then wandered back and continued with washing, sorting clothes, blogging, researching etc. 

Sophie had hinted that we might do a second night on the basis that perhaps we could do an excursion to a local sight and then come back later. As it was in many ways the perfect aire that seemed like an excellent idea. However, the sights we had in mind were some 50k away and so we both agreed we’d find a new location for the night. 

First stop was the larger town of Palencia (population 80k). Great aire with clearly designated bays, all the usual amenities free, and very convenient for the town. Very handy for a quick visit for us or for anyone needing an overnight stop. We had a pleasant walk round the town and then were back on the road again. 

Next stop was the tiny village of Fuentes de Valdepero, which has an impressive castle. As we strolled through the village Sophie noticed storks nesting on top of their church. There were 5 massive nests that we could see, with a few birds in residence. 

Last stop was the Canal de Castille at Ribas de Campos. We had a pleasant walk in the early evening heat around the various waterways, and have now retired just above the canal, with a very open view across the plain. Looks like this could be “Park4Larb” number 3, and this one would suit all motorhomes, so we submitted it to Park4night ourselves, our first ever submission, and it is now an official Park4night spot:

Progress so far:

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