Along the Duero Valley and Beyond

A very successful overnight at Penafiel castle. We were up and sorted just before the castle lady turned up. She gave the motorhome a strange look but unlocked the castle and went about her work anyway. We then took more photos and descended to our carpark from earlier the previous night, and did a tour of the town.

We continued along the lovely Duero river touristic route, after which Park4night took us to a lovely wooded area where we worked, blogged, coffeed, and lunched. 

We then headed off in a Northwesterly direction, through the vast city of Valladolid, then back into the sane countryside again. Along the way we topped up with diesel, air for the tyres, and GPL. Re the latter, the machine was locked in a cage, which was a first for us, and the man had to come and do it for us, but this is more often than not the Spanish way for fuel. He did, however, look a little disappointed that we’d only spent €3.50. 

After a great drive on very quiet, but excellent back roads we now find ourselves in the very quiet, lovely little town of Ampudia, in their aire, and we’re looking forward to seeing their castle at close quarters, as well as the ancient town which sounds very promising. 

Progress so far:

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