Surfers and Beaches

At our beachside Praia de Tarba overnight stop, roughly to the West of Laxe, which on another night might have been a term that summed up Sophie’s cooking duties, she kindly knocked up a very good meal of salmon with rice and peas, enlisting my help with the salmon. That went down well and she even congratulated me on my crispy skin, although apparently it could have been more consistently crisped – I’m still a novice it seems. 

Despite the buffeting winds and torrential rain, Sophie seemed to drop off straight away, but the sound of her heavy breathing was fortunately lost in the pounding we were getting from the elements, so we both slept well. 

A lovely sunny day followed and, among other things, I amused myself by hanging Sophie’s washing on our rotating clothes dryer and letting the wind spin it round like crazy. She was worried about losing her drawers in the wind so the ever-reliable reusable plastic ties were employed to secure the dryer to the bike rack. Our smalls were dry in no time. 

Seeing an unsuspecting young British couple passing, Sophie pounced at the opportunity to have a conversation in English with someone other than me. Charlotte and Russ were the same age as our early 1990s daughters and had basically jumped in a car with a couple of surfboards and had turned up for a month or so touring the Galician coast and sleeping in the car with their boards. Three weeks in and they were loving it. 

Having come from opposite directions we compared notes and we even pointed them in the direction of a couple of decent looking surf beaches. After an important pep talk on life including the old chestnuts of don’t accumulate “stuff”, don’t let your careers dominate your lives so that you miss out on living, etc we exchanged contact details, and moved on, after a walk down to the very lovely water’s edge. 

We then continued following a roughly coastal route, noticing that more and more we were heading in an Easterly direction, after having been moving North for the last week or so. As we move East we enter the last leg of our Spanish adventure, covering the North coast all the way to the French border. 

Jeremy and Deb had let us know the coordinates of their Park4night and we met them there in Caion, parked overlooking the Praia de Salseiras. We joined them with our chairs and stayed there watching the sea and surfers until the sun set into the sea, by which time it was definitely time to eat. 

Progress as follows:

2 thoughts on “Surfers and Beaches

  1. Hi Michael & Sophie!

    Charlotte & Ross here! After meeting you and getting back to England we were feeling very inspired and ended up buying ourselves an old fiat Ducato Motorhome 3 weeks later! Anyway we have since travelled/lived in it for a few stints the last couple of years around the UK & Europe but today we ended up back at Playa de Traba where we met you! So just a message to say thank you really for introducing us to the this lifestyle we now well and truly couldn’t be without!!!
    Took a photo to send over to you of us and the camper at the spot via email if you want to have a look!
    Hope you’re still living the dream.
    Charlotte & Ross

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