Keeping ahead of the Rain

After Ribadeo, we headed towards Ortiguera aire, popping in on a couple of potential Park4nights just in case, but we are now comfortably parked up at the cliff-top aire, and although the rain seems to have settled in the aspect is very impressive. The bad news is that the cook has decided that tonight’s main meal will be a pastry from Lidl, and if I’m good, apparently I can also have a couple of bits of ham. Maybe I should see if I can find a tapas bar. 

Ortiguera aire was excellent and the rain abated before long and in fact we awoke to bright skies, and the sun even came out. The views were stunning. 

Before we strolled down to the lighthouse we could hear the sound of strimming and were aware of flying debris. Our motorhome habitation/side door still bears the scar of being around strimmers on our first trip in this motorhome. We were with Nick and Sal at the time and Nick even took a blow to the head with some flying gravel. We were left with our “bullet hole” as we affectionately refer to it. Anyway, after a little strategic manoeuvring to put us out of harm’s way from the strimmer ladies we continued our visit. 

The forecast for this whole North coast looked dreadful until about Sunday, with nonstop rain and thunderstorms. I therefore took the executive decision to floor it along the motorway for a couple of hours, and then reassess the situation. We’ve given the Galician coast a reasonable run for its money, given the constraints of time and vehicular access, and given that the motorway, being between the mountains and the sea makes the drive picturesque, and the sun was still shining, it seemed like a good move. 

By lunchtime we’d reached the attractive waterside town of Ribadesella, and after a lunch break we had a very pleasant visit. 

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