Rocks and Cliffs

After Foz, first stop was at the Praia das Catedrais, that Brian and Patricia from Northern Ireland had recommended yesterday. Great parking plus boardwalks to make a tour of the impressive rock formations very straightforward. This was also a convenient work and coffee stop. 

After that we soon came to the Playa de los Castros, with similar really interesting low lying cliffs surrounded by the boiling Atlantic. Another great stop for work plus lunch, then another stroll. 

Ribadeo was meant to be a functional stop for Lidl, cassette emptying, and a cheeky top-up of cheap diesel. Now I don’t like to go into too much detail about cassette emptying, but when I lifted the lid at Ribadeo’s service point there was a vast chasm beneath, at least 10 feet deep, with everything just piled up in it. A first for me, and hopefully a last too. 

Trying to quickly escape a biggish town, Sophie unfortunately became interested in taking a closer look. It was busy, it wasn’t early, and I could see some potentially dodgy streets I would rather avoid. We compromised by aiming for a Park4night down in the port, on the basis that the route down might offer Sophie a chance to see some of the sights. I thinking we achieved that objective, saw the port and I was out of there as soon as I was confident I wouldn’t end up down too tight a road. 

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