Quiet day based at Foz, so little to report other than our trip to the bars of Foz in the hands of the experts, Jeremy and Deb. 

Jeremy asked whether we were going for a walk first or for a drink, at which point Sophie made it quite clear that we were going straight for a drink. This reflected more her reluctance for more exercise, than it did her desire for alcohol, and she spent much of the evening nursing her sparkling water. 

Each round of drinks came with a different tapa, so we enjoyed chorizo slices, miniature chorizo sausages, cheese, ham, and even individual little bowls of paella. 

After a second good night’s sleep, we then had a quick nose round the market, where the main attraction for Sophie were the churros. Standard portion number is six, so Sophie wanted nine. We started working our way through them, then I had to stop to top up the water. When I returned there was one left, so I thought I’d check the churro score. Sophie’d had five, explaining that she hadn’t considered breaking one in half. 

Welcome to my world. 

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