The Long Way Round (Part 2)

What I had assumed was a coastal road was in fact a trek over the mountains that skirted the Atlantic. With barely enough room for two cars to pass we progressed very many kilometres, with brakes and clutch pushed beyond their usual comfort levels. Being a Sunday afternoon also meant a little more traffic than would have been expected. Feeling like the only idiot to attempt this extreme scenic route in a motorhome I was comforted, plus surprised to pass a larger fellow motorhomer, gratefully on an unusually wide corner. 

As we eventually wound down to a bigger town near the coast I was very relieved to be back on normal roads with a white line down the middle. We pursued a few other Park4nights, but they were either best suited to smaller vans or, in the case of a latter couple, they were next door to football pitches, where serious local games were underway, and so not the peaceful havens with sea views we’d envisaged. 

This latter section of the coast was an education in how to ruin a tourist industry through massive, ugly industrial buildings, very many abandoned building sites, and minimal modernisation/maintenance for 20 years or so. That being said, whilst Galicia does have some unattractive parts like this, development is on the whole tasteful and measured, and the natural backdrop of mountains, inlets, beaches, and sea, stunning. 

Last chance saloon was a Park4night on the coast near the town of Foz. This was very viable, but we knew that Jeremy and Deb were only a few minutes down the road and it seemed rude not to pop in and see them. To put all this in context, they’d taken 1 hour 40 minutes to get to the very impressive aire at the port of Foz. We’d followed quite a bit of the coast, so saw much more of Galicia, but I reckon I was at the wheel for 5 to 6 hours on our adventure. 

Anyway, all was well and after emergency cheese on toast we then headed into town with Jeremy and Deb for a walk. However, Sophie and my objective was also to learn the art of going to a Spanish bar and having tapas and these guys are well experienced in this skill. So after very tender fried octopus with some very pleasant cooked mild peppers, plus a very cheap drinks round we headed back to ours for a night cap. 

Progress so far:

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