Green with a touch too much of the Industrial

We survived our night in the wildlife park, and a very quiet night it was. Considering where we were on the map, and my rough plan to be back in France by Monday, we decided to motor through Bilbao and on Eastward, and think what to do after that. After a few distractions we were gone by Midday. 

The motorway to Bilbao was busier than we’d experienced so far in Spain, and we were genuinely surprised by the extreme size of some of the industrial plants plus the not particularly attractive high rise mass accommodation that seems to go hand in hand with them. 

Even approaching Bilbao itself it was clear that this was a particularly large and sprawling city. I had always wanted to see the Guggenheim Museum and so thought it would be rude to not at least pass by it. I so dislike driving in towns, and cities I’d rather avoid altogether. Fortunately, the Satnav lady got us, eventually, within spitting distance of the amazing museum building, and I was able to give it the once over when fortunately stuck at a red light. 

I was delighted to be back out and on sensible roads again and before long Sophie had spotted a Lidl. After a very convoluted route that almost took us onto a toll road, we were safely parked at a very smart Lidl. Sophie was straight in and at the pastry counter in the blink of an eye. As a result of yesterday’s lack of cakes, desperate measures were taken and quite a number and variety were purchased. Although this was only meant to be a pastry run, a few other items did slip into the basket too. 

By this time it was past 2:30pm and we still hadn’t stopped for lunch. I thought we’d look out for some likely spot along the road that was to weave us to the coast. Surprisingly, althound the road wound along a very lovely valley, it was constantly blighted by eyesore towns and decrepit industrial buildings. So with no inclination to stop anywhere for a picnic, we soldiered on. 

We then reached the coast at Deba, and I headed for a Park4night picnic area that was about 1.3k off the main road along a very narrow road that became even narrower. Encouraged to continue by a big shiny sign we kept on going and found an absolutely cracking spot for lunch (at 4:40pm) with incredible mountain views. I think we’d have stayed the night if it weren’t for tomorrow being Saturday and the increased prospect of meeting traffic on the way down. 

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