On to San Prudentzio

After our great lunch setting we headed off in pursuit of an aire which showed promise, but was actually not at all attractive, so we tried another, which although riverside and quietish, was set behind some hideously run down graffiti-covered industrial buildings, and it was a large car park out of the way, but near a town, so there was every chance of boy racers and excessive car movement later on. 

After this town, the road opened up into a very nice coastal route and my next option was a Park4night 1k up a side road. It seemed wide enough for two cars, just, so we thought we’d have a nose. So we’re now parked in a rural carpark with great green rolling hill views to the front of us, the sea behind, and some rumbling thunder in the background. Nearest town is Getaria. 

I’ve mentioned before the prospect of bad weather for most of this week along Spain’s North coast, but we genuinely have seen very little rain at all. Even today it has rained from time to time, but never with any conviction that required anything but the odd intermittent windscreen wiper. 

Let’s see if we get away with it tomorrow (the rain has started as I write this). 

Progress as follows:

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