On to San Sebastián

As has often been the case over our last 8 weeks, Park4night delivered an excellent overnight spot for us last night, in an area where the official and unofficial motorhome parking is generally second, or even third rate. Our views were excellent and we had a very quiet night. 

At about 8:30pm last night it had been spitting a bit for a while, the clouds were dark and threatening, and there was the odd rumble of thunder. Having had a very inactive day, I consulted maps.me, an absolute essential wifi-free app that we now use daily, and I could see the lanes and paths around us, with estimated walking times. Cycling/driving times can also be estimated at the click of a button. I suggested a leisurely stroll and although it was spitting quite a bit, the lighting proved excellent for Sophie’s photography & we had some cardio exercise, as steep inclines were involved. 

Today we thought we’d head off promptly, Larb style, about 11:30am. We had San Sebastián in our sights and I’d researched every possible parking opportunity in the town, plus a couple of Lidls as today would likely be our last chance to visit the Spanish version of our favourite shop. 

San Sebastián was the very first place we visited in Spain in a motorhome a few years ago, when we spent a single night in the country. However, having parked up at the official aire, we weren’t really that close to San Sebastián itself, but we’d visited the beach front and it was very pleasant. 

This time we’d thought we’d get parked up a bit closer to explore the town properly, even considering making the concession of paying for day parking. As it turned out, as we twisted and turned our way through San Sebastián we immediately realised that we had never been here before and it was an impressive and substantial city. Having driven around it so much we also realised that we’d seen all we needed, as we’re not keen city foot visitors, and I was delighted when Sophie suggested we move on. 

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