La Vallee des Saintes

At Gouarec, a very helpful Dutch man, who of course spoke excellent English, suggested that we visit the “Vallee des Saintes” near Callac. We’ve toured around for Brittany for around 10 years, and had never heard of this place where dozens and dozens of sculptured local saints, created in the last several years, each standing some 3 metres tall and carved out of solid granite, populate a hillside. 

What’s more, the objective is to reach a figure of around 200 over the coming years and you can actually watch the sculptors armed with their angle grinders, skilfully producing these remarkable statues. An added bonus was that Park4night “told” us we could stay the night, so we took advantage of a large overflow parking field with amazing extended views across the countryside, and barbecued, enjoying a very lovely final night together, as we were going our separate ways the next day. 

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