Longpont to La Ferté Milon

Sophie discovered a handy website called francethisway.com, where you enter where you are, or where you’re going, and it tells you something about that place, plus it suggests other places worth visiting within a certain radius.

I have to admit that my planning is generally somewhat random, given a certain direction and objective, and pretty much revolves around interesting, and usually well-reviewed daytime parking spots and overnighting places.

On the strength of francethisway.com the trip from Longpont took us to Pierrefond via La Ferté Milon, and the latter would probably have been ignored using my usual approach because it entailed a slight detour, which I find a little uncomfortable.

The understated La Ferté Milon, with its overstated citadel ruins, which dominate the town, would have been a mistake to have ignored. It’s admittedly not too practical for larger motorhomes, and parking might be more limited in higher season, but it was a doddle for us in the canal-side carpark.

From here we crossed the canal, and worked out the best route to that citadel high up on the hill, given that the town had no obvious signs, as one might have expected. It was one of those rare occasions when Sophie instigated this hike, and she’d discovered a steep cobbled street that took us up via an old church.

Before long we found ourselves at the impressive ruins, with an impressive view out across the town and countryside. Viewing the castle from its front, the common sight of decapitated statues were indicative that it predated the Revolution, which I’ve only recently ascertained. That or empty spaces where any kinglike statue may have stood, is quite common on castles and cathedrals over here.

After a descent to the town and a walk along its canal, we headed off in a Pierrefond direction.

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