La Ferté Milon to Pierrefonds

After La Ferté Milon, we headed to Pierrefonds via the Villers Cotteret Lidl. Pierrefonds is particularly famous for its enormous castle. Originally medieval, it was demolished in the 17th Century, then rebuilt in the 19th Century by Napoleon III, who wanted it as an imperial palace, although it just became a museum in the end.

Purists weren’t happy because it is apparently not in keeping with the medieval style, but to the layman it looks really impressive.

Park4night came up trumps again and took us to a very pleasant and spacious leafy carpark just a few steps away from the small town and large castle.

On arrival, we took an evening stroll to look at the already very Christmassy half a dozen shops, the back streets, and even a walk up to castle itself.

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