Le Bec-Hellouin

Not only did we have to visit Pont Audemer, but thanks to ready internet access and francethisway.com, Sophie saw that Le Bec-Hellouin, just down the road, but not in the right direction, was a must see.

By this stage, I could see my well-researched plans going out of the window, and so resigned myself to a complete rethink after we’d “done” Le Bec-Hellouin. En route, Sophie was force-feeding me nuts just so that I didn’t completely lose the plot. This was just as well because when we arrived, just after 3pm, Sophie announced that we couldn’t risk the light deteriorating, and thereby impacting her photographs, and so our visit could not be put off a minute longer.

It was certainly a very attractive place and definitely a must see. Whilst not really interested in looking in the abbey’s gift shop, Sophie mentioned that it also included food and alcohol, so as to sway me. Ordinarily I wouldn’t buy anything in such a shop, but in my weakened state I spent €15 on monk’s beer, rhubarb syrup, and coffee chocolate (sic). How did that happen?

Anyway, by the time we returned to the van, we’d already decided that we were going to stay over, which was made easier by the Park4night endorsements and helpful photos confirming that we were positioned legitimately, although at this time of year, no-one cares much where you park.

My first meal of the day eventually was served up after 5pm, which Sophie said I wolfed down like there was no tomorrow. What can we learn from this? 😉

One thought on “Le Bec-Hellouin

  1. That looks lovely. I think I’ve seen this place on the map and sign posts on the road, but never stopped there. It is so easy to spend a small fortune in these places! We went to the Marché Gourmand in Moissac for Xmas and, seeing the lady in front at the cheese outlet buying some Brie with truffles, we thought we would have a piece and when it was weighed the price came to €31!!! I nearly died and asked for it to be cut in half: so embarrassing!

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