Le Bec-Hellouin to Écouché

The only wild animals we were aware of last night were the owls, which we always enjoy hearing, and so it was another incredibly quiet stop.

I did notice on my SatNav that we would be leaving via the Chemin de la Guillotine, and so I suppose I should say that we “headed off”.

We made a pretty sharpish departure, ie didn’t hang around for a coffee or croissant today, as I didn’t want to have my travel plans thwarted like yesterday. I knew where I wanted to be tonight and so paced myself accordingly.

Today officially marked the end of my 2 week annual leave, and so the inevitable text came through requesting a chat on the phone. Armed with my cheap Toggle.co.uk phone SIM and our hands free Bluetooth “Parrot”, I was able to safely combine driving with a long office update, including being told the jobs that I now needed to get on with smartish.

We stopped for a cheese and bread lunch at the very pleasant bijou aire at Écouché, just outside Argentan. Before leaving we took a stroll around the village, enjoying the ancient buildings.

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