Écouché to Lassay Les Chateaux

45 minutes after leaving Écouché we were at Lassay Les Chateaux. This is our third visit, but the first time we’ve stopped over. We first came here a few years ago on Sophie’s birthday coincidentally and we went out for lunch. It was one of the cheapest set lunches we’d had, which from recollection might even have been less than €10, and that included three courses and wine. Sophie’s never forgotten that generous gesture. The food was excellent, and Sophie can be fussy. We also popped in again for lunch earlier last year and the standard of food did not disappoint. So we can’t wait to get lunched up tomorrow, before moving inevitably in a general homeward direction. Still time to fit in a couple of more lunches.

We’ve visited here a couple of times before but have never stayed. There’s a small area for motorhomes, with the usual facilities, in a medium-sized carpark. I’d expected it to be quite busy with cars coming and going but was pleasantly surprised at how quiet it was from late afternoon to late morning. As has been the norm, we were the only motorhomers last night.

Where we can, we like to visit a town in the evening, as it gives a quite different feel, and particularly around Christmas time. So we had a stroll around Lassay, including checking out the castle, as well as the restaurant we hoped to be eating at the next day.

So the next morning was a busy one for me, and I was up early to meet some deadlines for that day. We then headed off to the Restaurant du Chateau for our €12 three course formule lunch, including wine, and very tasty it was too.

Before leaving Lassay properly we popped to the Chateau de Bois-Thibault ruins for a few photos and it reminded us how this quiet spot would be ideal as a Park4night.

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