Calaceite to Calanda

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Carrying on our Back Roads Spain tour (Drive 10 – From the mountains to the Plains), took us along a relatively narrow and winding road to Torre del Compte. After this little gem, the road improved and led us to the spectacular La Fresneda.

After a coffee break at a pleasant picnic spot, plus phone calls to wish our respective mothers a happy Mothers Day, we headed off and were soon driving though the larger attractive town of Alcañiz. It was at that time of the day when we weren’t up for another jaunt around a town, so we carried on.

It was also that time of the day when I was conscious that our overnighting opportunities were lessening significantly. Next possibility was a Park4night outside an attractive hostel with a pleasant country view. We decided that this didn’t feel official enough and having seen a tourist signpost to a lake, we thought we’d take our chances and find our own wildcamping spot. The lake turned out to be a reservoir, but very nice, and we soon found a handy pull off area, sufficiently far enough away from the quiet road.

So, we’re enjoying the late sun on the hills around us as we overlook the reservoir. If we survive the night then this location will be another contribution we’ll be making to the Park4night app.

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