Morella to Mirambel

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We survived the night on our blustery Park4night spot perched high above the valley. A busy morning was followed by a town visit in the afternoon, where we braved our virtually non-existent Spanish and bought a couple of local cakes special to the area. Sophie demolished her half of these delicacies the minute we returned to the van, and didn’t find it easy looking at my share sitting there until after our main evening meal. It has to be said that they were very good.

Being late afternoon there was little point in hitting the road to look for somewhere to park up for the night, particularly as overnighting spots are not that prolific in these parts. So, just for a change of scenery we drove round the corner, about a kilometre, to the official town aire, with all the usual services, and a view back over to the town.

Next morning, we emptied what needed emptying and filled up with fresh water, then were on our way. We’re still following our essential Dorling Kindersley Backroads Spain guide book and so we took an almost circular route visiting the towns of Mirambel, a very lovely picture postcard place; Cantavieja, a town perched precariously on top of an escarpment; Iglesuela del Cid, with its stunning ochre coloured walls; and finally Ares del Maestre, a tiny town sat impossibly high on a mountain with incredibly distant and dramatic views.

Ordinarily we might park and visit one or two towns in a day, because we’re never in a rush, but today DK definitely came up trumps and we felt compelled to visit each one of the above lovely places as soon as we saw them. Sophie has taken so many photos today that it’ll take her some time to sort them out, and they will need to be split up into several blog posts.

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