Castellfort to Mosqueruela

As for our final place for the night, I thought we’d try out a Park4night near Castellfort at the parking area for l’Ermite Sant Père. It’s a high and exposed spot. It’s great up here, at one with nature and the mountains in the distance, and we have it all to ourselves.

As a tip, I’d recommend the road to here direct from Vilafranca del Cid, rather than the winding route from the Ares direction.

We had a really good night at the Castellfort “Surrounded by nature” 🌲Park4night. I admit I initially had my doubts given just how windy it was, and the proximity of some wind turbines. There was the distinctive whoosh/whoosh of the windmills but it soon became unintrusive white noise, and in fact it had stopped when I woke in the middle of the night.

Next morning was sunny, but bracing outside. We enjoyed a walk up to the little chapel, where we could enjoy the view to its full extent. In fact, it looks like a great spot for walking in general.

We then headed South-West via Vilafranca del Cid en route to Mosqueruela and beyond. However, some way before Mosqueruela, we came across a large parking area that commanded incredible 360 degree views and we thought it would be rude not to stay for the night. In fact, we’ve created it on Park4night as a “Surrounded by nature” 🌲spot (search for Mosqueruela).

After a beautifully peaceful night, we were going to have a leisurely walk up there in the sunshine. Then, seemingly from nowhere, snow began to fall, and not keen to be caught out in the mountains we decided to head off smartish, especially knowing that today we were due for toilet emptying etc, plus would likely want to top up our fresh water, LPG, and diesel.

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