The snow wasn’t sticking and soon the sun returned, which was to become a recurring pattern throughout the day. This was handy for our walk around Mosqueruela (I’ll soon be able to spell that without looking it up each time).

During the previous couple of days, hunts for bread had proven fruitless, because if you hadn’t found it by 2ish then that was it for a few hours. Today was to be our lucky day, and after a faltering attempt to ask the man at the “everything except bread” shop where we could get bread, and then pretending that we understood everything he’d just said, we politely said our thank yous and goodbyes in his language, and then followed the direction he’d pointed in. So precious bread was purchased and our mouths watered at the prospect of bread and cheese later.

We had just left the town when Sophie forced me to do a u-turn (this is a very regular occurrence each and every day, and sometimes I do and sometimes I won’t, but the former tends to be more pain free). She had seen a picnic area with a very rustic looking drinking fountain. She claimed that it was the fresh spring water that made her want to stop, but I suspect it was the opportunity to take another few hundred photos that really drew her. Anyway, all watered up, including the extra collapsible 15ltr “bladder” we carry, I was allowed to continue on our travels.

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