Cazorla to El Tranco

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We had one neighbour last night, who turned up after dark. Another excellent night followed by a lazy morning of blogging and after a cheese & bread lunch continued with our Dorling Kindersley’s Back Roads Spain drive.

We took a spectacular route over the mountains, then wound down the other side to then follow a river valley until we reached the large reservoir at the North end at Tranco.

A number of potential Park4nights were clearly marked as motorhomes not welcome, but that was fine for us as it wasn’t time to stop.

As we followed the river it grew more swollen until it reached the reservoir, and the views were very much on the large scale, more reminiscent of North American scenery than what we would have necessarily expected from Spain.

I was aiming for a Park4night that boasted views of the reservoir and dam, but the reviewer’s warning of a tight and steep access suggested to me that this was likely more suited to a smaller van. As it happens, and despite the protests from the trip’s photographer in the seat next to me, I could see that the road was concrete based and winding enough to reduce the steepness.

So we are delighted to be in a most spectacular spot (nearest picnic spot before El Tranco), with a good solid footing on a gravel parking area, as well as being comfortably above the water level. The sun came out in our honour and the photographer really enjoyed herself. Not long after, a heavy rain storm came over, but at the time of writing that has passed and the sun had returned.

The bonus for us is that the clocks changed last night (there is a lag in when we write our blogs and when they’re published), so we’ll get an extra hour of light to enjoy the views.

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