El Tranco

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After finishing last night’s blog entry, we experienced a whole range of weathers and lighting effects. We stood in the bright sunlight as a menacing rain storm approached us from across the lake. When that passed, more of the snow-capped mountains were illuminated, then we watched a double-rainbow rise out of the lake. As you might imagine, the tour photographer was up and down constantly, determined not to miss anything.

An incredibly quiet night at the Park4night picnic spot near El Tranco, and a beautifully sunny morning to follow, which gave Sophie the excuse to take advantage of the sunlight from a different aspect. It has to be the stop with the most amazing views we’ve ever had the privilege of overnighting at, and we’ve stayed at plenty, as we move on every day.

We departed late morning and our modest motorhome made easy work of the steep and winding rock-solid track. We’re just short of 6 metres in length, and it was easy, so I think it is a case of driver beware and you’ll need to make your own judgement on arrival. Also, access needs to be from the East, so as we approached from the West, we had a bit of manoeuvring to do in the road, but it is a quiet road fortunately.

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