Ubeda to La Guardia de Jaen

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Next objective was to be parked up somewhere sensible to take part in a conference call. Delays at the other end enabled us to get to my planned Park4night at La Guardia de Jaen. Call completed we then took a stroll up to the old castle and then around the small town.

One frustration with Park4night is that photos don’t always give enough information, so we try and add the photos that we would have found really useful. Here at La Guardia is a case in point. The photo looked like a couple of motorhomes might squeeze in next to the road. In fact, there’s a decent sized carpark that could fit quite a number of motorhomes. I’d suggest this an ideal, picturesque and very convenient, overnight spot if you’re travelling on the A44 between Bailen and Granada.

We’re still debating between us about visiting Granada and the Alhambra tomorrow (just an hour’s drive to the South). We’d initially rejected the idea, given our dislike of big towns, and no obvious parking. However, with official parking at €3 an hour, and in a sensible carpark, that doesn’t seem unreasonable given the highly reputed palace, and it being unlikely that we’ll be hanging around all day.

Next decision is do we actually pay to visit the Alhambra. Annoyingly, this has to be decided before we go. Then we need to work out if showing our tickets on our phones is acceptable or not, as we don’t travel with a printer. Fortunately, the full €14+ pp tickets are sold out all week, so that makes the decision easier. We were leaning towards the €7 tickets, but I’m reading that the place has perhaps become a bit of a zoo, with long waits. Added to this, there’s apparently lots that can be see for free. We hate to be boxed into a decision so will happily pay for parking, and view the Alhambra from the outside.

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