La Guardia to Granada (Alhambra)

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Wherever possible I try and update the written part of the blog each day, whilst the day’s events are still fresh in my mind. I now find myself catching up after a few days.

At the Park4night at La Guardia we were woken by a truck arriving and dispensing a number of ladies in fluorescent jackets. It was reminiscent of a marshal’s post for a sporting event, but then they started sweeping the side of the road just outside the carpark. When they started mixing the paint we then caught on that they were refreshing the white hazard stripes there. They didn’t seem concerned about us & they weren’t doing anything round the entrance, so all was well.

As this was to be Alhambra day, and given that Granada was forecasting a max of 20C, we decided to take advantage of our wake-up call and get there before the heat of the day. Despite it being motorway all the way, Spain continued to entertain us with its great and varied landscapes.

Parking was straightforward. €3.60 per hour. Simple walk down to the various buildings and gardens. Having made the conscious decision not to join the cattle market that, to us, is the Alhambra paid visit, we enjoyed a stroll down its rear side, which eventually brought us down to the old town. That was very pleasant, and worth the visit.

We then tackled the steep walk up past the Alhambra complex. I’m not that tight with money, but when I noticed that we would be slipping into our 3rd hour of paid parking in around 10 minutes, and we had now finished our visit, I warned Sophie that I was going to hot foot it to the ticket machine, which I achieved with 4 minutes to spare. So these 2 philistines did the outside of the Alhambra plus visited the old town in under 2 hours.

With the benefit of hindsight would we have bothered? After some debate, we thought not, but to be fair we never really got to see the Alhambra itself as we don’t like massive crowds and queuing. Also, most people say that you simply have to see it, so you’ll just have to make your own minds up.

*** Just to mention that our blogs tend to be a couple of weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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