La Suara to Barbate

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La Suara was a great find. Peaceful and in the middle of nature, with plenty of walking routes, but without feeling too isolated for those who are not sure about being off the beaten track.

Today would be our final push to the South, as we headed for Tarifa, Spain’s most southerly point. En route we stopped at the hilltop town of Medina Sidonia, where there was ample parking, courtesy of Park4night, and we had a very pleasant visit.

Following a brief Lidl fix, we motored on to Tarifa. As it was still the Easter weekend, parking was non-existent, but we had a good drive around, and if parking had been possible, then the old town looked well worth a visit.

Importantly, we did drive to the southernmost point of the town, and therefore Spain, this marking the point where we’d be turning in a homeward direction, but in our usual meandering way, and with plenty of time on our hands.

We then whipped into Lidl’s carpark to work out where we’d head to next. We then stopped for a quick grey water dump at a garage. It was only after I’d opened the tap, that I read that to use the services you had to buy fuel. As it happened, there was no-one on duty, and I didn’t have any water or need to empty the cassette, so I don’t feel too bad as all I used was their drain. Having checked out facilities from here all the way into Portugal, garage service points are more predominant than free aires.

A couple of kilometres North of Tarifa, there was a handy looking grassy area, well reviewed and very popular, but the very muddy access road put us off. By this time it must have been about 4:30, and we hadn’t yet eaten, so I was very keen to stop for a late lunch. We found a space next to the beach at Paloma, where day parking is allegedly allowed, although the signs don’t imply this. Anyway, I watched the police drive around and they weren’t concerned with the multiple motorhomes parked there. So we had a bread and cheese roll each on the sands of the Atlantic, with a great view of the Atlas Mountains across the Straits of Gibraltar to North Africa.

Next objective was a place for the night. We whipped through Barbate port, dismissed the Park4nights on offer, then headed up the road to the forested area back from the cliffs. We found a great Park4night picnic area in the Barbate Natural Park, and were later joined by a few more punters. Another great find.

*** Just to mention that our blogs tend to be a couple of weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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