Sancti Petri to Rota

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Next visit would be Cadiz. I’d done my homework re parking options, but when it came to it we wimped out on the basis that it would have been a decent hike in and as it was late afternoon we were too tired and anyway needed to be on our way in order to hunt down our spot for the night. Feeble I know, but we were both complicit, and felt the relief of not feeling obliged. Two lazy old Philistines.

So we now find ourselves at the aire at Rota. I expected it to be busy, and wasn’t disappointed, but fortunately there’s an alternative motorhoming spot in the next carpark, which, whilst busy, is not as “squeezy” as the official aire.

We’re on the Atlantic coast, and enjoyed a sit on the wooden steps overlooking the high tide, then a walk on the beach. It’s a comfortable 20C here and a very nice temperature.

*** Just to mention that our blogs tend to be a couple of weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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