Rota to Villamanrique

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After a very good night at Rota’s “overflow aire”, we took advantage of all the facilities, and were on our way. We had a detour to Chipiona to see their lighthouse, but the part of town we saw was a bit built-up, so we kept going.

Being so close to Jerez, we elected to drive through the very centre, and it was actually very nice, with its tree-lined and cobbled old streets. Definitely worth a visit if you can find somewhere to park your motorhome.

As we were trying to head West, the geography of the area meant we had no choice but to head North first, via Seville. The city is considerably larger than Jerez, but we told SatNav lady to take us to the centre and then hoped for the best. It was actually more impressive than I expected, although I’m not sure what I actually expected. It had plenty of very impressive buildings, a river running through it, and a very open feel to the place, if that makes sense. If you like city breaks, then it might be one for your list.

On escaping the heavy traffic of Seville we finally found ourselves on the road signposted to Portugal, so we knew we were on the right track. After a brief discussion as to whether we crossed the border tonight or not, I’m pleased to say we agreed that there was no hurry, and so my plan A came into effect. I’d seen a highly rated “surrounded by nature” Park4Night in the middle of nowhere, some 20k South of the main East-West road. This is where we are, in an open wooded area, totally surrounded by nature and totally on our own. Yet another excellent overnight spot from Park4night.

*** Just to mention that our blogs tend to be a couple of weeks behind reality, as we’re always in catch-up mode ***

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